Naturopathy and Nutrition

Prior your first visit you will be asked to complete an extensive health questionnaire to provide the Naturopath with information about your current state of health and the problems that are of immediate concern to you. At the appointment a number of tests and observations may be carried out. These may include tongue and nail analysis, blood pressure, pulse blood sugar levels, a zinc test and any other tests that may be relevant to your health concerns. The in clinic tests and a wellness assessment are included in your initial fee. It may be necessary to obtain other tests that will incur a separate fee or you may bring in recent tests ordered by your GP. A Naturopath does not diagnose illness, that is the role of the medical profession, but by collecting information through these diagnostic tests targeted strategies to support yor journey to wellness can be better achieved.




  • initial consultation, in-clinic testing and 1st follow up    3 hours              $180

  • Wellness Assessment   30 minutes                                                         $  45

  • Follow up consultation 30-60 minutes                                                     $  45 - $70 

  • Weight Loss Weekly Weigh in and support                                                $  10


The Naturopath may prescribe a variety of treatment options, these include nutritional advice, lifestyle advice and eating plans. Herbal medicines, herbal teas, Bach Flower remedies,  nutritional supplements,  may be prescribed depending on your presenting issues.  These items are subject to a separate cost.


Additional testing is charged separately in accordance with the fees charged by the testing bodies.


Discounted fees are available for people on Health Care Cards, Pension Cards and Students. Please enquire.



Counselling is a way of addressing problems by exploring personal feelings with someone who, whilst supportive, is not directly involved in the situation.


A Counsellor will:

  • listen carefully to what you have to say

  • help you to express your feelings

  • help you to explore and understand your difficulties

  • help you to find ways of managing these more effectively


Although it may sometimes be appropriate to offer advice or guidance the emphasis is very much on enabling you to achieve change, rather than telling you what to do.


Counselling is done subject to the rules of confidentiality that will be explained to you at your initial appointment.


Types of counselling available are individual, couples, family, adolescent, pre-marriage, pre-pregnancy and drug and alcohol addictions




  • Initial individual consultation               90 mins                                    $ 90

  • Initial couples consultation                120 mins                                    $120

  • Follow up individual                             60 mins                                    $ 70

  • Follow up couples                                90 mins                                    $ 90


Discounted fees are avaiable for people on Health Care Cards, Pension Cards and Students. Please enquire.